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Why Purchase an Air Filter?

Posted on June 9, 2011 by admin There have been 0 comments

While air pollution is thought to be a problem related to outdoor air, the same pollutants can be found indoors. With the majority of the Australian population spending more than 70% of their lives indoors, indoor air quality has become an increasing influential factor on quality of life.

Modern buildings are designed to be energy efficient so as to maintain temperature, but as a consequence they do not breathe. This allows air pollutants to accumulate inside the building, as they cannot escape. Modern buildings and old buildings alike often leach toxic particles and fumes, from building materials, glues, cements, paints & finishes used in construction.

Sources of indoor air contamination include cigarette smoking indoors, gasses given off from poorly ventilated cooking appliances and heaters, and other materials within the home that emit unhealthy chemicals. These chemicals, some of which are called volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), can cause ill health and they are found in carpets, chipboard, furnishing fabrics, clothing pesticides, cleaning products, toiletries, cosmetics and hobby products.

Levels of indoor air pollution will increase with recently dry cleaned clothing, perfumes & sprays. Perfumes can contain as many as 100 ingredients and are very potent additions to indoor air pollution.

What to look for when purchasing an Air Purifier

One point to consider when choosing an air purifier is how efficient the unit is capable of circulating and purifying the air. If the holes in the filter are too small, it will filter well at first, but at the same time it has a high resistance to rapid airflow. As a result, its purification ability is significantly lower as time goes by and the life span of the filter is shortened.The [storelink id="air-purifiers/" keyword="Zalmandn Air Purifiers"] have remarkable deodorisation power, high air circulation and collection ability with lower resistance to air, so the high purification can last as long as the filters.

The Zalmandn Air Purifiers have several advantages over competitors

  1. Environmentally friendly components
  2. Hypo-allergenic filtration media
  3. Some of the filters are washable & re-usable,
    saving you money on replacement cartridges
  4. Excellent clean air delivery rate (CADR)
  5. Multi-media filtration removes a wider range of contaminants
  6. Easy to operate and replace cartridges
  7. World 1st patented inbuilt sensor for filter replacement
  8. Optional sterilization filter reducing bacteria >99%
  9. AHAM certified
  10. 3 year warranty

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